Archdiocese Student Trust Conference at Langtree Park on 30th June 2015

The theme will be:

‘British Culture and Values in the Catholic Secondary School – Students’ perspective’

This theme will be strongly linked with a consideration of our Christian values and the schools’ mission statements, together with the delivery of the SMSC agenda. There will be a strong link with the Ofsted framework and the opinions and thoughts of students will be taken into account in helping to shape the direction and delivery of final conference. A key note speaker will be engaged to help motivate and provide additional information for the students during the process. Schools now have a responsibility to deliver British Values as part of their curriculum and this is an opportunity to take account of students’ understanding of this topic and how it could be delivered and incorporated throughout the whole school. Four students will be selected as school representatives and will be from Year 10 or 12.

Success Measures

The following outcomes should emerge from the Conference:

  • Representatives from the event are able to articulate outcomes to govs, teachers and peers.
  • A successful event is organised and students across the Archdiocese and all students contribute to the final outcome(s) and this will include written summaries, powerpoints and presentations.
  • Leadership teams have a tangible outcome to reflect upon and use within their schools to assist with improvement (A Booklet will also be produced summarizing the key points emerging from the conference).