The Post 16 group consists of Heads of Sixth and Senior Leaders with responsibility for Post 16 provision from all the schools and colleges within the Liverpool Archdiocese Secondary Schools’ Trust. The Key purpose of the Post 16 collaborative meetings are:

  • To consider responses/approaches to local and national initiatives/changes
  • To provide an opportunity to share good practice amongst all Archdiocesan schools and colleges
  • To support improvement in attainment/recruitment/retention etc.
  • To develop networking and the opportunity for ‘school improvement’ support for subjects and sixth forms
  • To provide an opportunity to visit other institutions to observe and learn from their organisational procedures, structures and policies.

An Agenda will be prepared at least two weeks prior to every meeting. The agenda will be put together by four colleagues representing the group in conjunction with the Trust Director and that will take account of current issues and provide opportunities for sharing good practice across all schools and colleges. Each meeting will also include a tour of the Post 16 learning environment and an opportunity to ask questions regarding policies, organisation and management of the Sixth form.

It is hoped that all attendees will take away something meaningful from each meeting. The expectation is that each member of the group from time to time will lead on a key agenda item e.g. good practice within their school/college, a new initiative that they have responded to, operational procedures that have had an impact within the sixth form, etc. In this way all colleagues are able to contribute to the Post 16 development of the Trust.

Minutes of previous meeting can be found in our Shared Resources section under Trust.